The daycare market in Vancouver, Surrey and all Lower Mainland

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A look into the Daycare market

The daycare market in Vancouver, Surrey and Lower Mainland mainly consists of businesses that provide child care services for toddlers and children. While most focus on children aged at the preschool level, some offer services for children a little bit older. The beauty of this industry is that it is very diverse, and allows people of all backgrounds and qualifications to participate. A daycare can be anything from a small home business to a fully-fledged centre with many branches throughout Surrey and the Lower Mainland.

Daycare services can be anything from:

  • Self-Employed babysitters
  • Early childhood education
  • Day-care centres
  • Older-children daycare services, outside of school hours
  • Nanny services, either live in or live out of the employer
  • Pre-kindergarten centers

Due to the rising number of parents entering the workforce (specifically women), the demand for quality child care services has increased significantly. This, with the Government subsidizing child care has transformed this industry into a 10 billion dollar giant.

The daycare market in Vancouver, Surrey and all lower mainland

With an average growth of 9.2% per year from 2011 to 2016, the daycare industry has a lot to offer. The same can be said at the local level. The daycare market in Vancouver, Surrey and all Lower Mainland is extremely rich and contested. Waiting lists can be endless, and the requirements to join can be high. Finding the best daycare center in this area can be tough.

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